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StreamSink Access - Deep Stream Archives

 "StreamSink" is a system that provides deep archives for internet on-line radio streams.

Here is how it looks, while working:


Sample Archives

Here are some examples of the archives that we can provide for you:

Croatian archive, about 140 channels

Italy, 170 channels

Newfoundland, about 20 channels

Archive Access

Access to the archives can be obtained via both ftp and HTTP   We have lots of experience creating synced archives at your servers, with us doing the recording for you.

Archive Format

Archives can be in native stream format (that depends on the stream itself: MP3, AAC, FLV, WMA, OGG) or we can convert everything to mp3 of desired bitrate for you.

We cut our files in 5 minute chunks by default. That way, you will have almost real-time access to your archived content.

Archive Depth

We store our archives as long as you need them.

Application Compatibility

Files stored in the archive are playable by any media player or popular audio editor that you might have and use.

Archives are completely compatible with VideoPhill Player application, which provides simplified archive access and clipping facilities.

Adding channels

If you need Station that aren't listed, please contact us and we'll add them.

Contacting Us

To know more about how "StreamSink access" can help you do your media monitoring business, contact us.